Editorial Policy

My aim is to provide trustworthy content and present the facts in an unbiased way so that, after reading and taking in balanced information, you can come to your own conclusion as to how you want to raise your family.

If I have any agenda, it’s that I want to promote sustainable, climate-conscious living. This doesn’t affect the presentation or content of articles, but may influence my choice of topic.


  • Careful corroboration of facts.
  • Sources cited and linked to where possible.
  • The certainty of claims must be clear – for example, whether they are scientifically proven, if possible, the validity of the study, whether they are an expert’s opinion or otherwise.
  • It must be clear what is my personal opinion.

Affiliate Links

I use Amazon affiliate links throughout the site. This helps me to cover the running costs. That said, I never include a link just for the sake of making money. It has to be the right product. If I can’t find the right product on Amazon, no link. Instead I tell you what I’d be looking for elsewhere.